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A legendary cat

This big cat would be  originally from the State of Maine in the United States, where the magnificent Acadia natural park is located, hence the name of our breeding._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Having lived in the United States, we indeed like the large and wild dimension of this country, of which the Maine Coon is in the image.

The Maine Coon is the oldest natural American breed, and its popularity owes nothing to chance: Muscular, impressive with its hair at the end of the ears (tips) which earned it the nickname of lynx, it is also very attached to its family. and of a character in general extremely sociable towards all, young and old.

Several legends circulate about him, which add to his mystery. The hypothesis of a cross between a cat and a raccoon (Racoon in English) has been put forward, although genetically impossible, but which would explain its original color and its bushy tail.

The Maine Coon may also have arrived by boat in the United States: descended from Marie Antoinette's cats, or Viking cats, or even the sailor Captain Coon. Anyway, this nice cat has kept the sea legs and a very strong taste for playing with water!

A family cat

The Maine Coon is naturally sociable and playful. Our Acadia felines are especially attached to humans, excellent companions of our children and easygoing.
Very intelligent, they stand up easily.
They like to communicate, and modulate sounds rather than meowing.
They are perfectly accustomed to living indoors, but appreciate a walk on a leash or playtime in an enclosure.


A big cat

The Maine Coon is one of the largest purebred cats.
He has well-developed muscles and a broad chest. The head is medium in size, with a square muzzle, and large ears ending in lynx tips.
Without being big, the Maine Coon can weigh up to 12 kg, and measure more than 1 meter. The females are smaller and finer than the males  (around 6/7 kg for a female and 9/10 kg for a male).

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