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Discover the Acadia Felines

Maine Coon Professional Breeder

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Our breeding

Our cattery, Félins d'Acacia, is located near Saint Germain en Laye, in the Yvelines (78), en France.

Our breeders have been carefully selected internationally.

Our priority is indeed to breed beautiful, healthy cats with a perfect character. Our cats  are all very affectionate, sociable and loving. They are pampered, brought up and educated to live as a family.

Our breeders are also tested by DNA with a recognized laboratory for HCM, SMA, Pkdef as well as for blood group.

They are also tested by FELV and FIV blood test, regularly monitored by cardiac and renal ultrasound, vaccinated and dewormed.


Simca des Félins d'Acadia

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